TL;DR: I’m who I am.

No, seriously, you probably don’t know who I am, that’s expected.

I think that if you clicked that giant ABOUT link, you really want to know who I am, unless you’ve drunk too much, then probably you will read this sentence twice before starting to feeling dizzy and feels like if your head is trying to explode.

Well I guess I can start by linking you my old technical blog.
Anyway, blogs nowaday are dissipating into thousand of little bits, and people are moving theirself into social network like twitter and company.

I must tell you, I don’t use twitter that much, probably because I’ve have not so many followers, but you can still following me there.

While I think nobody really use that I have a profile on linkedin, I think is a good way to keep your CV up to date, without using tools like openoffice to write that stupid European CV.

Seriously, my first CV was printed with a dot-matrix printer, on a 486 with mulinux.
if I had one I will continue to use that to print my CV, I feel that more professional that the standard template that everybody use.

Anyway, feel free to add me or to lurk my public profile

I think the most important thing you will found here is the link I’m holding to give you,
and that you’ll found in a couple of row, because I think developers value is measurable by looking at the code they write, so take my github link, you can fork me, if you want.
I think I’ ve a couple of project on codeplex too

lastly, but not least important, I recently start to contribute to mootools, so you may found things there in the near future.

ok, It was a long about post, sorry.


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